Friday, September 19, 2008

Lake Powell

This is an experiment to see if I can actually navigate my way in this blog page. Dad and I spent a great week in Lake Powell. We stayed on a fabulous houseboat, ate great food, spent enough time in the water for dad to get seriously burnt. Dad got the tops of his knees so fried the first day that he wore his slacks (you know dad, no jeans or khakis for him) the rest of the time. His friends pulled me aside and told me he needed serious counselling when he drove off on the wave runner to find a good spot on the lake to make a phone call wearing dress pants! I would recommend a week at Lake Powell sans dress pants for anyone. The weather was perfect, the water warm and the nights so clear and the sky filled with stars. It was magical!

These last three pictures were taken at a place called Defiance House. They were the coolest Anasazi ruins! There were two structures as well as hieroglyphics preserved on the walls of the cliff. Being in such a remote area I could almost imagine how it was a thousand years ago.